Release Date Album Title Label/Distributor Album Type
27-Sep-65 Strangers Capitol Studio Album
06-Apr-66 Just Between the Two of Us Capitol Studio Album - Collaboration
17-Oct-66 Swinging Doors and The Bottle Let Me Down Capitol Studio Album
03-Apr-67 I'm a Lonesome Fugitive Capitol Studio Album
28-Aug-67 Branded Man/I Threw Away the Rose Capitol Studio Album
08-Jan-68 Sing Me Back Home Capitol Studio Album
08-Apr-68 The Legend of Bonnie & Clyde Capitol Studio Album
09-Sep-68 Mama Tried Capitol Studio Album
01-Feb-69 Okie from Muskogee (Recorded "Live" in Muskogee, Oklahoma) Capitol Live Album
10-Feb-69 Pride in What I Am Capitol Studio Album
12-May-69 Same Train, a Different Time: Merle Haggard Sings the Great Songs of Jimmie Rodgers Capitol Studio Album - Tribute
15-Sep-69 A Portrait of Merle Haggard Capitol Studio Album
06-Jul-70 The Fightin' Side of Me Capitol Live Album
15-Nov-70 A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World (or, My Salute to Bob Wills) Capitol Studio Album - Tribute
15-Mar-71 Hag Capitol Studio Album
16-Aug-71 Someday We'll Look Back Capitol Studio Album
08-Nov-71 The Land of Many Churches Capitol Studio Album - Gospel
06-Mar-72 Let Me Tell You About a Song Capitol Studio Album
01-Sep-72 The Best of the Best of Merle Haggard Capitol Compilation
20-Nov-72 It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad) Capitol Studio Album
01-Jul-73 I Love Dixie Blues… So I Recorded "Live" in New Orleans Capitol Live Album
01-Nov-73 Merle Haggard's Christmas Present (Something Old, Something New) Capitol Studio Album - Holiday
18-Feb-74 If We Make it Through December Capitol Studio Album
17-Sep-74 Presents His 30th Album Capitol Studio Album
21-Apr-75 Keep Movin' On Capitol Studio Album
01-Jan-76 Fightin' Side of Me Capitol Compilation
16-Feb-76 It's All in the Movies Capitol Studio Album
05-Jul-76 My Love Affair with Trains Capitol Studio Album
22-Nov-76 The Roots of My Raising Capitol Studio Album
11-Apr-77 Songs I'll Always Sing Capitol Compilation
09-May-77 Ramblin' Fever Studio Album
12-Sep-77 A Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today Studio Album
24-Oct-77 My Farewell to Elvis Capitol Studio Album - Tribute
01-Jan-78 Eleven Winners Compilation
26-Jun-78 I'm Always on a Mountain When I Fall Studio Album
11-Sep-78 The Way it Was in '51 Studio Album
14-May-79 Serving 190 Proof Studio Album
21-Mar-80 The Way I Am Studio Album
20-Oct-80 Back to the Barrooms Studio Album
01-Jul-81 Rainbow Stew Live at Anaheim Stadium Live Album
28-Sep-81 Songs for the Mama That Tried Studio Album - Gospel
11-Jun-81 Big City Studio Album
01-Jan-82 Merle Haggard's Greatest Hits Compilation
16-Aug-82 A Taste of Yesterday's Wine Epic Studio Album - Collaboration
29-Apr-82 Going Where the Lonely Go Epic (Sony listed on Spotify) Studio Album
25-Oct-82 Goin' Home for Christmas Sony Studio Album - Holiday
01-Jan-83 The Epic Collection (Recorded Live) Epic Live Album
10-Jan-83 Pancho and Lefty Studio Album - Collaboration
16-Jun-83 Heart to Heart Mercury Studio Album
15-Aug-83 That's the Way Love Goes Epic Studio Album
January 1 1981 His Epic Hits: The First 11 (To Be Continued…) Epic Compilation
14-May-84 It's All in the Game Epic Studio Album
01-Jan-85 Amber Waves of Grain Epic Live Album
01-Jan-85 His Best MCA Compilation
25-Mar-85 Kern River Epic Studio Album
10-Mar-86 A Friend in California Epic (Sony listed on Spotify) Studio Album
13-Oct-86 Out Among the Stars Epic Studio Album
01-Jan-87 Walking the Line Epic (Sony listed on Spotify) TBD - Compilation perhaps (I'm not sure what this is)
12-Sep-87 Seashores of Old Mexico Epic (Spotify says Sony) Studio Album - Collaboration
23-Nov-87 Chill Factor Epic (Sony listed on Spotify and Apple) Studio Album
03-Mar-88 Church Street Station Good Time Records Live Album
27-Jun-89 5:01 Blues Epic (Sony listed on Spotify and Apple) Studio Album
01-Jan-90 I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink Geffen Records Compilation
31-Jul-90 Blue Jungle Curb Records Studio Album
05-Oct-90 Greatest Hits of the 80's Epic Compilation
01-Jan-91 All Night Long Curb Records Studio Album
09-Mar-93 Super Hits Epic Compilation
01-Jan-94 Gospel's Best Universal Music Compilation - Collaboration
01-Jan-94 What A Friend We Have In Jesus Geffen Records Studio Album
22-Feb-94 I Love You So Much It Hurts Me Peer Southern Productions Single
22-Mar-94 1994 Curb Records Studio Album
01-Nov-94 Super Hits, Vol. 2 Epic Compilation
01-Jan-95 Greatest Hits - Finest Performances Sun Label Group Compilation - Rerecordings
05-Sep-95 Super Hits, Vol. 3 Epic Compilation
07-Nov-95 20 Hits Curb Records Compilation - Rerecordings
01-Jan-96 Classics Sun Label Group Compilation - Rerecordings
01-Jan-96 Okie from Muskogee Sun Label Group Compilation - Rerecordings
01-Jan-96 Best of the Best Gusto Records Compilation
23-Jan-96 1996 Curb Records Studio Album
02-Apr-96 Down Every Road 1962 - 1994 Capitol Nashville Compilation
14-Jul-98 16 Biggest Hits Epic Compilation
01-Jan-99 Elvis Favorites Universal Music Compilation - Collaboration
24-Aug-99 For the Record, 43 Legendary Hits BNA Records Compilation
09-Sep-99 Cabin in the Hills Relentless Nashville/Hag Records Studio Album - Gospel
01-Jan-00 20th Century Masters: The Millenium Collection: The Best of Merle Haggard MCA Records Nashville Compilation
15-Feb-00 Best of the 90's, Volume 1 Curb Records Compilation
15-Feb-00 Best of the 90's, Volume 2 Curb Records Compilation
15-Jun-00 Thanks to Uncle John 8D Productions/Merle Haggard Music LLC Single
10-Oct-00 If I Could Only Fly ANTI- Studio Album
25-Sep-01 Cheatin' Capitol Nashville Compilation
25-Sep-01 Drinkin' Capitol Nashville Compilation
25-Sep-01 Hurtin' Capitol Nashville Compilation
25-Sep-01 Prison Capitol Nashville Compilation
01-Nov-01 Roots, Volume 1 ANTI- Studio Album
26-Feb-02 20 Greatest Hits Capitol Nashville Compilation
07-May-02 California Blend Hag Records Studio Album
21-May-02 The Peer Sessions Audium (per discogs) Koch Records Nashville (per Spotify) Studio Album
10-Jul-03 Fightin Side of Me (15 Hits) Dualtone Music Group Compilation
23-Sep-03 Haggard Like Never Before Hag Records Studio Album
23-Mar-04 40 #1's Capitol Nashville Compilation
25-May-04 40 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (Rerecorded) Entertainment One Music (Spotify says Intersound) Compilation
25-May-04 Merle Haggard: 40 Greatest Hits Intersound Records Compilation
31-Aug-04 The Essential Merle Haggard: The Epic Years Epic/Legacy Compilation
26-Oct-04 I Wish I Was Santa Claus Smith Music Studio Album - Holiday
14-Dec-04 Unforgettable Capitol Nashville (Spotify and Apple also say Hag Records) Studio Album
01-Jan-05 Live from Austin, Texas New West Live Album
01-Jan-05 17 Number 1's Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 22 All-Time Greatest Hits Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Always Wanting You Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 At His Best - Featuring Okie From Muskogee Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Workin' Man Blues Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Today I Started Loving You Again Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Super Hits Collection - Swinging Doors Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Super Hits Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Sings His Best Gusto Records Compilation
01-Jan-05 Roots of My Raising Gusto Records Compilation - Collaboration
01-Jan-05 George Jones and Merle Haggard Gusto Records Compilation - Collaboration
17-May-05 16 Super Hits Gusto Records Compilation
31-May-05 Merle Haggard: 11 #1 Hits Indieblu Music Compilation
21-Jun-05 Two Old Friends Hag Records Studio Album - Collaboration
25-Oct-05 Chicago Wind Capitol Nashville (Spotify and Apple also say Hag Records) Studio Album
01-Jan-06 The Very Best of, Vol. 1 Sony ATV Compilation
01-Jan-06 The Very Best of, Vol. 2 Sony ATV Compilation
12-Sep-06 Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard Capitol Nashville Compilation
24-Oct-06 Kicking Out the Footlights…Again: Jones Sings Haggard and Haggard Sings Jones Vanguard Records (Division of Concord Music Group) Studio Album - Collaboration
01-Jan-07 Hag's Christmas Capitol Nashville TBD - Holiday (Compilation perhaps, I can't tell)
01-Jan-07 The Very Best of Merle Haggard EMI Records Compilation
20-Mar-07 Last of the Breed Lost Highway (Spotify and Apple say UMG) Studio Album - Collaboration
02-Oct-07 The Bluegrass Sessions McCoury Studio Album
01-Jan-08 From The King To The Barrooms Wrasse Records Compilation
05-Aug-08 Number One Songs Curb Records Compilation - Rerecordings
07-Oct-08 20 Hits, Volume 2 Curb Records Compilation - Rerecordings
21-Oct-08 Live! Acrobat Music Group Compilation - Live
28-Oct-08 Live From Austin, TX '78 New West Records Live Album
17-Aug-09 I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink One Media Publishing Compilation - Live
01-Jan-10 Vintage Collections Capitol Nashville Compilation
20-Apr-10 I Am What I Am Vanguard Records (Spotify and Apple also say Hag Records) Studio Album
13-Jul-10 20 #1 Hits Indieblu Music Compilation
21-Jun-11 Hag The Hits Volume 1 Sony ATV Compilation
05-Aug-11 That's The Way Baseball Go RayLynn Productions Single
06-Sep-11 Hag The Hits Volume 2 Sony ATV Compilation
04-Oct-11 Working in Tennessee Vanguard Records (Spotify and Apple also say Hag Records) Studio Album
19-Apr-12 California Country Gusto Records Compilation - Collaboration
27-Apr-12 Country Outlaws Gusto Records Compilation - Collaboration
15-May-12 American Country Legend Sun Records - X5 Music Group Compilation
03-Jul-12 10 Great Songs Capitol Nashville Compilation
01-Aug-14 Snapshot: Merle Haggard Hickory Records Compilation
02-Jun-15 Django and Jimmie Legacy Studio Album
30-Jun-15 Timeless Hag Records/Cracker Barrel Studio Album - Collaboration
05-Aug-15 Country Life Live Music Manager Compilation - Live
08-Apr-16 The Best of the Capitol Years Capitol Compilation
21-Nov-17 The Ultimate Collection Platinum Music Ireland Compilation
28-Nov-17 Made in the U.S.A. Collection PMI Ltd Compilation
15-Jun-18 Greatest Hits Live in America IMI Ltd Compilation - Live
24-Aug-18 Old Friends BMG Rights Management Single
22-Nov-18 The Essential Hits Collection PMI Ltd Compilation
21-Jan-19 I'm A Lonesome Fugitive HHO Compilation - Live
29-Jan-19 Folsom Prison Blues HHO Compilation - Live
07-Oct-19 Last Train to Nashville (Live 1981) Merle Haggard/Fast Draw Compilation - Live
16-Apr-20 Live OVC Compilation - Live
12-Mar-21 Beyond The Borderline (Live in 1995) Merle Haggard/Fast Draw Compilation - Live