CD - Freddy Powers - My Great Escape

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CD - Freddy Powers - My Great Escape

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CD - Freddy Powers - My Great Escape

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This session was recorded at Merle Haggard's studio in Redding, California in September 2003. The music is Freddy all the way. That two beat country swing that has always been the back bone of Freddy's music with a little slow song now and then.
1. My Great Escape Big Kenny Alphin, John Rich & Rodney Clawson
2. Like A Movie Star Freddy Powers & Billy McDavid
3. Ol' Country Singer Merle Haggard & Freddy Powers
4. On the Road To My Heart "Catherine's Song" Freddy Powers
5. Angel In My Arms Freddy Powers & Django Porter
6. Having A Good Time With You Freddy Powers & Bill McDavid
7. Tom Sawyer And HuckleBerry Fin Freddy Powers
8. Daytime Nighttime Blues Freddy Powers & Bill McDavid
9. Wild Party Blues Merle Haggard & Freddy Powers
10. DTwo Timing Woman Freddy Powers & Bill McDavid
11. Romantic Waltz Freddy Powers & Bill McDavid
12. All I Want To Do Is Sing My Song Merle Haggard & Freddy Powers
* Produced by Merle Haggard & Freddy Powers
* 2004 compilation. (Smith Entertainment) CD only.