CD - California Blend

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CD - California Blend

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CD - California Blend - Merle Haggard & Chester Smith

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Merle Haggard & Chester Smith
1. Wreck On The Highway (2:49) Dorsey M. Dixon
2. Old Fashioned Love (3;14) Ernest Tubb with additional lyrics by Chester Smith
3. Grace For The Shepherd (3:11) Carlene Jones
4. The Titanic (3:07) Arr. Roy Acuff, additional lyrics by Chester Smith
5. Crying Holy (3:08) P.D./arr. by Chester Smith and Merle Haggard
6. Till The End Of The world (2:35) Horton Vaughn
7. When The whole World Stands Together Holding Hands (3:32) Freddie Hart
8. After We Go To Guns (3:01) Merle Haggard
9. Go Look Now (3:22) Ernest Tubb
10. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus (3:20) Hazel Marie Houser
11. Why A Dove? (Wings Of A Dove) (2:46) Bob Ferguson/ narration only Chester Smith
12. Great Judgement Morning (3:39) Dorsey M. Dixon
Hag Records. CD only.

A must for uplifting Gospel featuring "Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus"

Between the hype of Hollywood and the sizzle of Silicon Valley lies what some affectionately call "the other california" -- a place characterized by its unassuming little towns and factory farms set amid a ceaseless checkerboard of fields green, gold and brown. the Great Central Valley has been this way as long as anybody can remember.

Gaze out the window as you ride up Highway 99, and if yolu catch the light just right, it looks like a Dorothea Lange photograph, shot 65 years ago, has come to life. Pass through a community like Pixley or Parlier, Corcoran or McFarland, and you'd probably describe it with the very words that William Saroyhan used way back in the mid-1930's: "A man could walk four or five miles in any direction from the heart of our city and see our streets dwindle to land and weeds."

Yet even here, some things do change. Flip on the radio and you're bound to hear country music, the same way you would have a half a century ago, when bands such as the Maddox Brothers and Rose filled the airwaves. Today, though, what you're likely to find is a new kind of country, a pop-infused kind of country, a country that, in too many cases, is synthetic and lacking a real soul. Even in the other California -- this extraordinary expanse where time has stood still -- a richer, truer brand of country has been lost to the ages.

On California Blend, two old friends from the valley, Chester Smith and Merle Haggard, have found that pure sound again.