CD - Bluegrass Sessions

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CD - Bluegrass Sessions

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CD - Bluegrass Sessions

Original Release Date: Oct 2 2007 - $21.99

Haggard’s first-ever foray into bluegrass-to be released by bluegrass luminary Del McCoury’s McCoury Music label-includes some new Haggard penned tune, several of his favorite hit songs, as well as Bluegrass standards. The bluegrass sessions was recorded in two days of intimate living room style sessions, as Marty Stuart explains in the disc’s line notes. Each take became a performance. Merle’s singing was totally inspired, Stuart writes. In fact, he got to the point where he didn’t even go in the control room to listen to playbacks. There was no need. All of us new what we were doing was right.


Product Description

Bluegrass Sessions
1. Runaway Momma
2. Pray
3. What Happened?
4. Jimmie Rodgers Blues Medley
5. Learning to Live with Myself
6. Mama's Hungry Eyes
7. I Wonder Where I'll Find You at Tonight
8. Holding Things Together
9. Big City
10. Momma's Prayers
11. Wouldn't That Be Something
12. Blues Stay Away from Me
Label: Sony Music Canada Inc.