CD - Billy Mize: A Salute to Swing

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CD - Billy Mize: A Salute to Swing

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CD - Billy Mize: A Salute to Swing

A Tribute to Tommy Duncan featuring

Merle Haggard 2 CD Set

My thanks go to Merle Haggard, my very kind and generous friend, for not giving up on this album. After I had my stroke, I thought it had been forgotten. Hag suggested to me a long time ago, "Why don't you put out an album and dedicate it to the forgotten man, Tommy Duncan, who was my hero?" Here it is and I hope you enjoy it... Billy Mize

In Memory of Tommy Duncan

An Unforgettable Man and Life-long Friend

Product Description

Billy Mize: A Salute to Swing
1. Cherokee Maiden
C. Walker
2. Trouble In Mind
B. Blue
3. Alexanders Ragtime band
I. Berlin
4. You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care
B. Wills
5. My Window Faces South
Silver, Perish, Livingston
6. There's Not A cow In Texas
B. Mize, W. Webb
7. Heart To Heart Talk
Lee Ross
8. Roses Of Old Pawnee
Fred Rose
9. Faded Love
B. Wills, J. Wills
10. Basin Street Blues
S. Williams
11. Across The River From The Alamo
J. Green
12. The Moment I Lost You
B. Wills
13. San Antonia Rose
B. Mize Arr.


Billy Mize: A Salute to Swing
1. Take Me Back To Tulsa
B. Wills, T. Duncan
2. I'm From Texas Too
C. Walker
3. Brain Cloudy Blues
T. Duncan, B. Wills
4. Letter From My Kid
H. Zaret, A. Cramer, J. Whitney
5. Time Changes Everything
T. Duncan
6. Roly Poly
F. Rose
7. Bubbles In My Beer
T. Duncan, B. Wills, C. Walker
8. Stay A Little Longer
T. Duncan
9. The Keeper Of My Heart
B. Wills, J. Irby
10. Hang Your Head In Shame
E. G. Nelson, S. Nelson, F. Rose
11. Blue For Dixie
O. W. Mayo
12. Big Beaver
B. Wills
13. Home In San Antonia
F. Rose